What to Do About Twitter? Five Options All Social Movements Need to Consider

With one problematic headline after another since Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter this year, social movements all over the world are asking—What Do I Do About Twitter? Do We Still Use It To Mobilize?  

Musk wasted no time in making decisions that have destabilized the platform. Staff changes have removed critical community management functions, enabling hate speech and misinformation to spike. Combined with Musk’s own problematic Tweets attacking public health officials and spreading misinformation as well as anti-LGBTQ sentiment, it’s a key moment to pause and reflect the balance of the strategic benefit of the platform versus the conflict with your organization’s ethics and mission.  

Here at Global Wave Digital, we’re big on frameworks for digital strategy! While every organization’s assessment might be different, we’ve developed a resource that identifies the key criteria to evaluate Twitter, five options to consider within Twitter as well as other platforms to potentially explore.  

We hope that this resource will help guide conversations for you and your partners. Our goal is to help navigate this landscape while remaining responsible practitioners in the digital space. We know that many of you will need to not only make sound decisions regarding the platform but also communicate them to relevant stakeholders as things evolve. The landscape is shifting at a rapid pace, so we’ve found it helpful to have a framework for understanding the risks and opportunities.  

Take a look, and let us know how you’re thinking about reassessing Twitter for your campaigns. Here is also additional guidance on the state of digital advocacy. There are updates emerging on the Twitter platform daily including Elon Musk announcing he will eventually resign from Twitter, and we hope that this tool will help you plan your campaign.