Paid Ads Change Everything

The reality of using social media in 2019 is that paid advertising is absolutely necessary if you are going to reach more than just a handful of supporters.

That’s why we created our signature capacity building Social Media Accelerator program. Even with a limited budget and capacity, we’ve seen grantees increase their engagement tenfold or more through our program.

Since we first launched this program for the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, we have put over 50 grantees from 20 countries through the program. Accelerator funding has helped fuel all of our client’s major policy victories across the globe, providing added traction at key points in campaigns.

Our hands-on interactive approach allows trainees to test different ad strategies live on Facebook to see how they perform with real social media users.

We work with the grantees one-on-one to make sure that their ads are optimized for strong results. This means that the creative is optimized, often through our parallel content strategy and design training. It also means that audience segmenting is optimized as well to make sure they are reaching the right people at a low cost per action.

The results have been stunning. So many groups do not allocate advertising funds themselves, and end up being really inefficient with their limited capacity. Through the Accelerator program we’ve seen coalitions go from having no competent social media accounts to groups where nearly every group is operating at a high capacity.  

Example of Before/After Results from Incubator

We’re not just stopping at Facebook–we’ve just launched a new Twitter Accelerator program, and are looking to expand further moving forward.

If you have questions about our Accelerator program and how it might fit your needs email us at