While Global Wave Digital has spent decades in the non-profit and political advocacy space, we’re seeing corporations start to actually give it a go in being meaningful partners in driving social change. This is a good thing as market dymanics should be a catalyst, not impediment, to the changes we advocate for in the world.

Here are our 5 tips for companies to have an authentic and impactful social good program:

1. Have a Vision: many company efforts to be a catalyst for social change appear sporadic, uneven and inconsistent. Commitment to a long-term vision is needed that represents a clear and compelling future. What is the positive change your company will help achieve and how will we get there? Anything less than a cohesive goal and strategy comes off as cheap lip-service.

2. Partner with the Pros: no matter what cause you commit to, we promise there are dedicated individuals and organizations who have given their lives to advancing it and have been doing so long before you even thought about getting involved. Get to know the players in your issue space and develop partnerships and meaningful relationships to learn and support their efforts.

3. Walk the Walk: the first place to drive change is often in your own company! Do an internal analysis to ensure your own corporate commitment to a core set of values is reflected before venturing out to support community efforts.

4. Advocate: systemic social change for maximum impact will almost always involve changing policies and laws. A legitimate social good program will embrace issue advocacy to support policy changes to cement progress for the long term.

5. Empower Community: an impactful social program is not adjunct to your customer experience, but infused within it. Your mission for social change should be evident and part of the customers you

We’re excited to see companies be more mindful in the s