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Our Services

Digital Training & Capacity

From high-touch one-on-one instruction to large-scale learning management systems and e-learning, our trainings build capacity for the long-term.

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Digital Platform Management

Whether you’re launching a new platform or just need some extra hands on a daily basis, we help your digital communities thrive.

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Campaign Development

We design creative campaigns to break through, inspire action and impact the right people at the right time.

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Message & Content Creation

We support the full spectrum of developing winning messages to creative that works across digital channels.

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Digital Research & Insights

Successful campaigns are rooted in data. Our approach starts with mapping your digital landscape to clearly understand who can be engaged on what platform.

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Global Campaign Network

Our network of professionals across the world can help you bridge any capacity gap no matter the country code.

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What We're Learning

Digital Marketing vs. Digital Advocacy

The goal is always to influence policy. While public education may be a part of the strategy, it must be a means to a policy end.

How to Host a Global Twitter Chat

Funders occupy a unique position to foster cross-regional and cross-sector conversations.

Six Ways Foundations Could Be Better Supporting Their Grantees in Their Digital Advocacy

Foundations occupy a unique role where they can act as a centralized hub for resources, capacity development, and data analysis.