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Our Services

Digital Training & Capacity

From high-touch one-on-one instruction to large-scale learning management systems and e-learning, our trainings build capacity for the long-term.

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Digital Platform Management

Whether you’re launching a new platform or just need some extra hands on a daily basis, we help your digital communities thrive.

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Campaign Development

We design creative campaigns to break through, inspire action and impact the right people at the right time.

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Message & Content Creation

We support the full spectrum of developing winning messages to creative that works across digital channels.

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Digital Research & Insights

Successful campaigns are rooted in data. Our approach starts with mapping your digital landscape to clearly understand who can be engaged on what platform.

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Global Campaign Network

Our network of professionals across the world can help you bridge any capacity gap no matter the country code.

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What We're Learning

Developing an Influencer Network

Facebook and Twitter Keep Changing The Rules: Prepare For Digital Advocacy Platform Uncertainty

We’re adapting our global digital advocacy strategies, and you probably should, too. Register for our Thur Nov 21 Webinar.

Digital Marketing vs. Digital Advocacy

The goal is always to influence policy. While public education may be a part of the strategy, it must be a means to a policy end.